Ceramic Ball bearing ABEC5 5x10x4 (2)


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Ceramic ABEC 5 bearings – Not to be mistaken for lower grade available

Some facts on Ceramic Bearings
Non-porous unlike Steel
Virtually frictionless and capable of spinning faster than steel bearings
Approximately 3 times harder than Stainless so naturally will last longer
Resistant to corrosion, especially if left greased
Lighter than Steel bearings
They do not need lubricating but ours are lubricated for longer life
No heat build-up like Steel bearings
ABEC ratings are 1,3,5,7,9.  Grade 7 and grade 9 are ludicrously high priced and can never be justified in RC racing therefore making the Grade 5 the best in class.
The higher the grade the tighter the tolerances, the higher the RPM, more efficient and a much more precision part.