RB SRX2 Gen3 Forward Bias 5 Gear Gearbox


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After extensive testing and with collaboration with WS, we have produced a 5 gear gearbox for the SRX2 Gen3.  By way of forward weight bias, this gearbox in many cases is more consistent giving confidence for more speed.  We have found it excels on high grip tracks like Carpet and Astro.  It pushes the motor forwards by 30mm as well as the Lipo another 10mm.  Please note a slight cut out, a min of 8mm required, modification to the side guards is required to push the Lipo forwards, otherwise it is a direct fit on to the Serpent SRX2 Gen3 chassis, utilising all standard chassis holes and retaining all of the Gen3 fabulous kit adjustments.

  • All anodised Alloy construction
  • All hardware included
  • All idles included (3) (not Serpent – available separately soon)
  • All Idler Bearings included (also available separately )
  • New Revolutionary Alloy motor mount included
  • New Lipo holder and band included (available separately soon)
  • Retains Serpent Lay-Shaft fitment
  • Retains Serpent Slipper Clutch (we recommend 76t Spur (SER 500215)
  • Retains Serpent Diff fitment with Height adjustments
  • Retains Serpent Wing mount fitment
  • Retains Serpent Shock Tower fitment accommodating low and standard versions
  • Retains Serpent Anti-Roll bar fitment
  • Retains Serpent Wishbone Suspension Bracketry and adjustments

Photos taken on non-anodised chassis for part highlighting purposes