RudeBits Black 8th Rear Wing



RudeBits introduction of a rear moulded 1/8 scale wing for Nitro Buggy, eBuggy and Truggy.

  • BRCA – ROAR – IFMAR – EFRA and FEMCA legal
  • Lightweight at only 50g
  • Specifically sourced to be flexible as to eliminate the snap affect most similar rear wings have.
  • Low to Medium down force adjustable with manufacture rear angled spacers.
  • Position Grid on underside for easy accurate hole positioning for fitment to all the current 8th scale models.
  • Extremely stable in jumping again eliminating the need of drilled holes as becoming customary at race tracks of late.
  • Very suitable wing for medium and high speed tracks and very stable for jumping.
  • Currently only offered in Black colour.


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