Serpent Spyder SRX2 Gen3 – PRE ORDER

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Pre-order  – This £50.00 is a guarantee for a kit from the first batch due in September and obviously is deducted of the final value.
Please note:  Final price is approximate and could vary either way!!
The Gen 3 is a all new car as driven with great success in the UK by Tony Evdoka

Please note the following information could vary a little.

  • Re-designed from the ground up – 85% new
  • Slimmer, tougher, easier to work on, and above all else Faster.
  • Stiffer front to back flex of the chassis
  • Chassis with bent sides
  • Revolutionary multi bent front chassis to increase ground clearance
  • Completely re-designed side guards
  • Flat wishbones 
  • Ball differential 
  • Plastic lower bulkhead 
  • Separate front upper camber link mount
  • New roll centre
  • New Caster blocks
  • New Steering blocks adjustable to 3mm
  • Vertical mounted ball stud
  • New long life 5x13x4 outer front bearings
  • New front axle design giving adjustability to the track width
  • Increased area around the servo
  • Increased space for electronics
  • Increased room for Speed control and receiver
  • Increased battery compartment and adjustability – Can even fit block or Saddle Lipos or a massive 23mm adjustment on shorty Lipos
  • Unprecedented new 3-gear Lay-down Transmission
  • Removal of the rear diff in 45 secs (with power screwdriver)
  • 5 different diff heights
  • Wider drive gears
  • Idler gear removal possible by a single button screw
  • New captive ball studs for total free movement of suspension
  • New Narrow Rear Pivots
  • New insert system adjustable to 2 deg
  • New Fully adjustable rear uprights
  • New 7 different positions adjustable roll centre
  • Wheel axle can be adjusted in 1 and 2mm increments in or out
  • Adjustable driveshaft length
  • Adjustable outer driveshaft pivoting point
  • Adjustable vertically mounted ball stud
  • Hex adapters for axle adjustments of offset of 5, 6, 7, 8, 9mm

Optional Parts

  • Optional chassis with adjustable weight plates.
    The rear facilitates 2x 14-gram brass weights either side of the gearbox and will fit the standard chassis too; however, this new optional chassis has an additional 4 choices when it comes to positioning weight.  The Servo weight comes in an 8-gram aluminium weight as well as a 24-gram brass weight.  The electronics weight comes in a 15-gram aluminium weight as well as a 45-gram brass weight.  Whether you race Dirt, Carpet or Astro turf you can full adjust your weight distribution and push your setup to the master level.
  • 2mm carbon fibre side guard stiffener panels
  • Gullwing wishbones
  • Front Shock tower to accommodate gullwing front wishbones
  • Medium and wide pivot sets for even more adjustability
  • A selection of different rear hexes
  • Gear differential