Dylan Saunders


Full Name: Dylan Saunders
Age: 7 and 3/4
D.O.B: 30th March 2007
Marital Status: NOOOOO!
Hometown: Watford
Nickname: No
Other Hobbies: Swimming and playing
Classes You Race: 2WD Offroad
Result History: 

In one year I have 7 trophies.
3rd junior at S and H Ready race
2nd in the Dash for Cash at TORCH


Most Memorable Moment in RC: At the last S and H meeting when I won every race
Most Embarrassing Moment in RC: Lost the junior final after TQed and I stayed on a jump and I wouldn’t move
Funniest RC Moment: When I bumped Tony E off the track in practice
Funniest Moment In Life: Bending spoons at holiday camp
Any Weird Rituals You Have Before Racing: Keeping calm and chilling out
Favourite Actor/Actress And Why: Elf, Lego movies and Step brothers
Favourite Film: Land of the lost
Favourite Group: Rage against the machine and Guns and Roses
Favourite Food: Roast
Favourite Drink: Guinness and Apple juice
Lucky Number: 65
Favourite Joke: no