Tony Evdoka


Full Name: Tony Evdoka
Age: 52
D.O.B: 26th December 1962
Marital Status: Married
Hometown: London
Nickname: Evdo or Mario
Other Hobbies: Real cars
Classes You Race: Everything Off-Road 1/8th and 1/10th
Result History: Mmmm!  National A Finalist (multi), British Vets Champion (multi) but enjoy racing whatever the results 🙂


Most Memorable Moment in RC: So many to name.  I suppose the day that my club Hampshire Racing Centre got a National event and seeing the all that turned out for the event was a great moment.  Also commentating the World ‘A’ Final in Finland.
Most Embarrassing Moment in RC: Haven’t really got one but I am sure there is time.
Funniest RC Moment: Again so many.  Watching Dave Burton, Jamie Holmes and Nick Dale put my young son Richard in the big bin at racing was good – LOL
Funniest Moment In Life: Again many to name.  Can’t really highlight one
Any Weird Rituals You Have Before Racing: Not really but I shake like Elvis if on a good run.
Favourite Actor/Actress And Why: I like many.  Jim Carrey, the Mask.  Certain lady is very hot in that film. Lethal Weapon films, Beverley Hills Cop and that kind of thing.
Favourite Film: Pretty Woman (I know, enough of the comments)
Favourite Group: UB40
Favourite Food: BBQ by the pool
Favourite Drink: Lemonade
Lucky Number: 7 (in life) – 1 (in racing)
Favourite Joke: It’s not actually a joke but more of a comment.  Out of Lethal Weapon when he says to the prostitute “all dressed up and no one to blow”